Kafe Berlin

Coffee, Pastries, Sandwiches & More.

Kafe Berlin is a locally owned coffee shop tucked in the German Society building in Seattle’s famous First Hill Neighborhood. Established in 2011, Kafe Berlin offers both German and American deli favorites. We specialize in to-go orders but invite you to sit at our window side tables. Start your day with a cup of coffee, stop in for a sandwich on your break, or just sit and relax enjoying a delightful pastry.

We serve Tony's organic and fair trade coffee and espresso from Bellingham.

*Breakfast Sandwich 


Bread: English Muffin, Bagel or Croissant.

Meat: Ham, Bacon, Sausage Patty, or Veggie Sausage Link.

Cheese: Havarti, Cheddar, Swiss, or Pepper Jack.

*Hot Sandwiches & Panini’s

The Red Reuben

Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, Red Sauerkraut, Thousand Island Dressing, and Horseradish on Rye Bread. $7.95

The Blue Reuben

Sliced Kassler Ripchen, Swiss Cheese, Blue Kraut, Thousand Island Dressing, and Horseradish on Rye Bead. $7.95

Ham Panini

Black Forest Ham, Swiss Cheese, and Seeded Mustard on Light Sourdough Panini Bread. $6.95

Turkey Panini

Roasted Turkey Breast, Havarti Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes, and Pesto Aioli on Light Sourdough Panini Bread. $6.95

Three Cheese Panini

Havarti, Cheddar, Swiss Cheese, and Pesto Aioli on Light Sourdough Panini Bread. $5.95

Roasted Red Pepper Panini

Roasted Red Peppers, Havarti Cheese, and Pesto Aioli on Light Sourdough. $6.95


Choose One Bread, One Meat, One Cheese and Unlimited Condiments.

Bread: Sourdough, Rye, French Baguette, or Seeded Wheat.

Meat: Roasted Turkey, Black Forest Ham, Salami, Bacon, Corned Beef, Liverwurst, Beerwurst, or Teewurst.  Extra meat $1.50

Veggie Meat Substitute:

Hummus or Roasted Red Peppers.


Pepper Jack, Cheddar, Swiss, Havarti, Cream Cheese, Feta, or Parmesan. Extra Cheese $1.00.


Mayonnaise, Mustard, Dijon, House Spicy Mustard, Tomato, Lettuce, Red Onion, Pickles, Cucumbers, Olives, Pepperoncini, Cranberry Sauce, Olive, Oil, Wine Vinegar, Sundried Tomatoes, Salt, and Pepper.

Avocado Add $1.00. 

$4.95 Half / $6.95 Whole Sandwich


Cadillac Jack Sandwich

Roasted Turkey, Bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese, Avocado, Romaine Lettuce, and Tomatoes on Wheat Bread. $6.95

Hummus Wonder

Hummus, Cucumber, Tomato, Lettuce, Avocado, and Feta on Wheat Bread. $5.95

Ham Sam 

Black Forest Ham, Swiss Cheese, Dijon, Lettuce, and Tomato on Sourdough. $6.95 

Salami and Roll  

Salami, Havarti, Sun dried Tomato, Oil and Vinegar on a Roll. $4.95

$4.95 Half  

 MAKE IT A SANDWICH COMBO! Add a SOUP for $2.50 or DELI SALAD for $1.00


Turkey & Apple Salad

Mixed Greens, Turkey Breast, Washington State Sliced Apple, Toasted Almonds, Swiss Cheese, and Cranberry Vinaigrette Dressing. $7.95

Almond & Beet Salad

  Spring Mix, Beets, Almonds, Red Onion, Feta, and Balsamic Vinaigrette. $7.95

*Berliner Hots

Check Point Charlie Dog

Wiener (pork), Cream Cheese, Red Kraut, Ketchup, and Regular Mustard on a Bun. $5.95 

Polka Dog

Kielbassa (pork & beef ), Blue Kraut, Ketchup, Spicy Mustard, on a Roll. $4.95

Bock Dog

Weisswurst (veal), Red Kraut, Curry Ketchup, Deli Seeded Mustard on a Bun. $4.95

Kaiser Dog

Knackwurst (pork), Blue kraut, Cream Cheese, Pepperoncini, Red Onions, Dijon Mustard on a Roll. $4.95


Kielbassa (pork & beef), Cream Cheese, Blue Kraut, Curry Ketchup, and Seeded Mustard on a Bun. $5.95

Completo Dog 

Knackwurst (pork), Avocado, Diced Tomato, and Mayo on a Bun. $5.95

 Veggie Dog 

Field Roast Sausage, Red Kruat, Pepperoncini, and Onions on a Bun. $5.95

 ***Sub any sausage for a veggie sausage.

*German Fare

Kassler Rippchen

Cured and Salted Pork Rib, Best Eaten the Traditional German Way, COLD!
 Served on a Fresh Baked Roll (Brotchen) with a side of both House Red and Blue Kraut and House Spicy Mustard. Comes with choice of soup or deli salad. $12.95

German Cold Cut

Liverwurst, Teewurst, or Beerwurst with Spicy Mustard and Swiss on Fresh Baked Roll. $4.95

Bee & Tee

Teewurst, Beerwurst, House Mustard, Pickels, and Lettuce on Rye. $8.95

Liverwurst Sandwich  

Liverwurst, Onion, Lettuce, Mustard, and Mayo on Sourdough. $7.95


Ask about our daily rotating soup.

*Deli Salads

 ~ Cole Slaw  ~ Red Beets ~ Red Kraut ~ Blue Kraut ~ Cucumber Salad.

***Add a deli salad to a sandwich, soup, or sausage for $1.00